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In the Highlands, communities gathered together and traveled as a group to the sheiling. Certainly, all the Bealtaine customs to protect the home, kin, and animals would have been completed before the move to the sheiling or booley took place. In some communities, the fire rituals were done at Midsummer, instead.

Everything within my dwelling or in my possession,
All kine and crops, all flocks and corn,
To Samhain Eve from Beltaine Eve,
With goodly progress and gentle blessing,
From sea to sea, and every river mouth,
From wave to wave, and base of waterfall.
(Carmina, #73)
The Sheiling
The Sheiling is a brand new multi-faceted business venture encompassing independent business units, a café, market spaces, performance venue, meeting rooms, events, exhibitions and function areas.

We're attempting to help develop and promote new business on Skye by providing facilities, guidance and 'stepping stones' to encourage fledgling startups.

The Sheiling is a uniquely refurbished old agricultural building, full of character and charm, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that lends itself to the social and entrepreneurial spirit of Skye.

When trying to describe The Sheiling we often use two phrases. "We're open to suggestions" - because we aim to provide what people want, not what we think they need, and therefore "It's a work in progress" - because our building, activities and businesses are constantly changing, adapting and evolving.

If you think you know The Sheiling - you should see it now.